Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 6

I've been taking lots of natural stuff to speed healing and reduce swelling (arnica, bromelain, quercetin, walking, drinking tons of water) and I'm happy to say that the major swelling has come down a lot. Minor swelling remains in my cheeks and upper lip which will probably be around for a few more months. We'll see!

My range of motion continues to improve and I can smile better than yesterday. It still looks scary, but not as scary.
Feeling continues to come and go in my face and lips, little flickers and patches here and there. Unfortunately this stupid headache keeps grabbing me in its kung-fu death grip. During the last episode I added listening to a meditation CD for healing to the moist heat from my bed buddy (that just sounds funny but I swear that's what it's called). It definitely helped to un-frazzle my nerves.

Fatigue is still a challenge so I took 2 short walks today instead of 1 longer one. It was a beautiful day!


  1. Your swelling is hardly noticeable (I don't actually notice at all to be honest)! Amazing!!! Keep up those walks, you look fantastic! I can't believe you're able to smile already on Day 6, way to go!!

  2. Aww, thanks! Of course after I posted this the swelling came back....and left....and came back again. Patience is a virtue I had better develop by the end of this whole process!

  3. my swelling comes and goes as well. It's weird. I'm just going to sleep upright for as long as I can stand it because the swelling is so uncomfortable! My skin feels so tight and dry!