Monday, October 22, 2012

10 Months and Counting

Before my surgery I read every jaw surgery blog I could find, especially those of folks with open bites like mine. They were incredibly helpful to help me prepare for my surgery and get an idea of what I might look like in the end. Those blogs inspired me to start this blog to help future jaw surgery patients and also keep my family and friends informed. I swore to myself I wouldn't become one of "those bloggers" who just dropped off the face of the earth one day and stopped posting, and, well, I became one of "those bloggers". I'm so sorry about that! I'm back now to fill you in on what's been happening since my last update.

I had a 2nd opinion with another surgeon at the 4.5 month mark (my 2nd choice surgeon, someone I felt very comfortable with and whose opinion I trusted). He did a very thorough exam and said that my surgical results were excellent and within the normal range for being 4.5 months after surgery. He said the mobility I experienced at that point was due to the short roots on my upper teeth and should go away when my braces come off. It was such a relief to know I won't need another surgery!

I developed a problem with my right maxillary sinus at the 8 month mark that I'm sure is a side effect of the surgery. One day I was fine, and the next day I couldn't breathe out of my right nostril. Just like that. Thankfully it's not infected but it is very inflammed and will not drain. My surgeon said he could enlarge the sinus opening when he does the implant procedure, but since that is a long way off (after my braces come off), I started taking a nasal steroid spray which has helped immensely.

Although I'm at the 10 month mark, my bite is still off and changes after each adjustment. My front teeth are banging together again and they are all mobile. Some of the teeth in my mouth don't touch at all. I really thought I would be closer to the finish line by now and at this rate it will probably be another year (my guesstimate given how my treatment has been handled so far). We'll see.

I will post new pictures soon - as soon as I can sweet-talk my husband into taking them :-)